The leading company in the Restaurant and Hotel industry.

Accommodation services

Providing a high-quality room accommodation system at the best prices.

Restaurant services

Setting up and supplying kitchen equipment. Accepting orders for birthday and wedding parties.

Ready-to-eat prepared food

Packing and distributing pre-prepared fresh food services.

Restaurant and hotel equipment

Distribution and supply services for kitchenware, household items, and hotel supplies.

Introduction to our company

Established in 2017, Hana Hotel Travel Company has continuously grown to become one of the reputable names in the tourism, hotel, and restaurant industry in Da Nang. With the mission of providing the best travel and leisure experiences for every customer, we take pride in being your trusted companion on every journey.


Board of Directors Members

With a team of professional and dedicated staff, we are committed to providing the best service to our customers. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, we understand and meet all your requirements.

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Lê Anh Tài, CEO
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bachelor of Economics from Shimnoseki University, Japan Over 10 years of experience in the tourism and hotel industry


Mark Zoch, PD
Product Director, Responsible for Food And Meal Page Content Founder of The Dinner Dude - A leading health-focused pre-prepared food distribution company in the United States Health and nutrition specialist based in Houston.


Chef John, Head Chef
Restaurant Head Chef, Head of Restaurant Vocational Training Department, Responsible for Food And Meal Page Content. With over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Founder of Food And Meal restaurant in the United States


Our mission is to support everyone

Beyond profit, the young and enthusiastic team at Hana Hotel Travel Company is always ready to assist travelers and local residents alike. Our 'local' team, proud Da Nang residents, aims to provide accurate information and the most honest assessments of the beautiful coastal city's attractions.

For our 'international' team, we are building the 'Food And Meal' website and community. Our goal is to share recipes from around the world and to provide in-depth, user-centric reviews of the kitchenware and kitchen products that our company uses and distributes.

All of this is for the benefit of our readers.

We aim for

customer satisfaction

We aspire to offer more than just tourism and restaurants in Da Nang. We also aim to provide conveniences and the healthiest products for smart consumers.

We take pride in receiving excellent reviews from numerous media outlets.

Our company's services

  • Operation of Hanami Hotel Danang
  • Food And Meal Restaurant
  • Food And Meal Website
  • Khám Phá Đà Nẵng Website
  • The Dinner Dude Pre-prepared Food Service
  • Set-up and operation of restaurants and hotels
  • Tourism services, tours, motorcycle rental, etc.
  • Training and development of human resources in the hotel and restaurant sector
  • Supply of kitchenware and household items for restaurants and hotels
  • Marketing and brand building services

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