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Hana Hotel Travel Company’s household goods warehouse

kho hàng đồ gia dụng của công ty Hana Hotel Travel Company

With years of experience in the hotel and restaurant industry, we have expanded our services to specialize in distributing and supplying household goods for the hospitality and lodging sector. Starting in 2022, all restaurants and hotels managed and operated by our company are provided with quality products directly from us.

Wide Distribution We don’t stop at supplying establishments under our management; our company also extends distribution to households nationwide through reputable e-commerce platforms. This not only helps us reach a large customer base but also enhances our global-scale expansion.

Expert Team To ensure quality and uniqueness in our service, we have hired Ms. Kelly Atkinson, someone passionate about kitchen household products. Ms. Kelly, with her extensive experience and deep understanding, has helped us collaborate with many top experts in the industry, such as Trisha Morgan, Paul Pudan, Paul Faiman, Amy Timbs, Edward Bailey, David Goodman, and many others. They are all reputable individuals with exceptional product evaluation skills. Thanks to this collaboration, we have the opportunity to select and provide the finest quality household products for consumers.

Our Commitment We are committed to delivering international-standard household products that meet all the needs and preferences of consumers. Under the leadership of Ms. Kelly Atkinson and the evaluation from our expert team, we are confident that each product we provide will bring satisfaction to our customers.

We always welcome feedback and input from our customers to continuously improve and enhance the quality of our service. Come to us and experience the difference in every household product!

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